Ubake Strudel




Cases & Quantities:(all flavours)








10 pk



Cocktail 10 pk


Fruit Strudel

10 pk

Cocktail 10 pk


Dinner 6"

10 pk


100 ct.


32 ct.

Dinner 6"



Puff Pastry


Our puff pastry is a proprietary recipe developed by our Master Pastry Chef in Europe over 60 years ago, with specialty ingredients. It is hand-made and contains 768 layers of pastry. This recipe is unique ... it is not greasy ... when baked there is no grease on the cooking tray. When the baked product is handled, there is no grease on your fingers.


(sheets of puff pastry available for commercial customers)

Box of 20 ct. (each sheet is 10" x 15")

Puff Pastry Puff Pastry


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